— Delphine Bedel


NEAR organise une journée de rencontres sur le thème du livre d’artiste, de sa conception à sa réalisation et à sa diffusion, focalisée en particulier sur les ouvrages consacrés à l’image photographique contemporaine. Une table ronde de réflexion est proposée au public en matinée, suivie de rendez- vous individuels entre artistes et professionnels du livre l’après-midi. L’événement a lieu dans le cadre du Festival Images, Vevey, du 8 au 30 septembre 2012. Une co-production Festival Images et NEAR, association suisse pour la photographie contemporaine, www.near.li

Delphine Bedel – photographe, éditrice, Monospace Press/hard Copy, Amsterdam
Roger Emmenegger – photo-lithographe, Datatype, Lausanne
William A. Ewing – auteur, curateur et directeur des projets curatoriaux de Thames & hudson International
Mirjam Fisher – éditrice et directrice de l’Edition Patrick Frey, Zurich
Lady Elena Forster– curatrice, éditrice, fondatrice et directrice de Ivorypress & CPhoto Project, Madrid
Stéphane Fretz – artiste, éditeur, art&fiction, Lausanne
Jean Genoud – imprimeur, fondateur de l’Entreprise d’arts graphiques Jean genoud SA, Le Mont/Lausanne
Michael Kominek – photographe, éditeur et galeriste, Kominek gallery, Berlin

Samedi 22 septembre 2012, 10h − 18h30
Ecole supérieure de photographie, CEPV, Vevey

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PROSPECTUS is an experimental exhibition exploring the practices of radical art education and exhibition as an educational technology. www.prospectusexhibition.org

PROSPECTUS traces the birth of twins; the 1837 public art school, and exhibition making as an educational practice. And their subsequent development; the professionalisation of the 1900, political upheavals in the 1960’s, the over administration in the 1990’s, privatisation in the 2010’s, and on into their possible futures. PROSPECTUS will include rarely seen, primary materials from the first Government School of Design, Pontus Hulten’s Institut des Hautes Etudes en Arts Plastiques, remnants from the Inner London Education Authority’s teaching collection, documents from the The Fresno Feminist Experiment lead by Judy Chicago, a Life Drawing class, revisit The Devil’s Feast through archival material held in the Special Collection at Chelsea College of Art and Design, and much else besides.

PROSPECTUS will feature specially commissioned artworks, an evolving exhibitionary architecture, participatory archival research, a teaching collection, screenings, life drawing classes, and a diverse public programme of talks, performances, discussions and walks. Participants include Viktor Timofeev, Sam Griffin, Dr Malcolm Quinn, Celine Condorelli, Redmond Entwistle, Dr Linda Sandino, Lawrence Lek, Prof. Stephen Farthing, Matthew Cornford and John Beck, Dave Beech, Naomi Salaman, Fay Nicolson, Delphine Bedel and many others.

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Friday 13 April, 7 – 9 pm. PrintRoom, Rotterdam

Talk with
Delphine Bedel / Hard Copy
Erica Overmeer / O Book Publishers
Elisabeth Tonnard / ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative
Mariken Wessels / ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative

Introduction by Karin de Jong / PrintRoom
Curator Delphine Bedel

‘The Future of Artist Books’ is a series of talks, workshops and events aiming to present the most innovative publishing projects by artists and designer’s working with photography, text, printed matter and e-publishing. The artist book is a medium central to contemporary artistic practice. The artists / publishers will present their recent editions, and discuss new modes of production, collaborative practices and distribution, from print on demand, serial editions to education projects, as well as their economical models.

Taking the occasion of the first retrospective exhibition of ‘The Dutch Photobook’ currently on view at the Fotomuseum in Rotterdam, this evening will focus on emerging practices in photo books in the Netherlands and internationally. The guest’s editions will be presented at PrintRoom for a month.

The Future of Artist Books is a transdisciplinary project will include talks, workshops and presentations. It is a collaboration between PrintRoom and the Amsterdam Art/Book Fair and other venues. Upcoming guests are Anouk Kruithof, Laurence Aërteger, And Publishers, and more.

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Thursday 12 April 2012 (7 – 9 pm) at Witte de With, Rotterdam
Talk by Ou Ning, one of China’s leading independent thinkers, as he expands on the mercurial possibilities in the art world, cross-disciplinary explorations between art, architecture, and literature, and having multiple hats as artist, editor, writer, activist, and curator.
Respondent: Delphine Bedel

This evening is organized by Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, and presented in collaboration with PrintRoom.

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First edition of a yearly event dedicated to students publications, this year will be an experimental, reflexive and prospective one – engaging students, teachers and “professionals” in public discussions and round tables dedicated to making and thinking editorial practices today. It will also be the occasion to think about events and structures around publications (book fairs, book awards, book exhibitions, etc) and to elaborate a proposal for the following editions of the event. Students publications will be exhibited, and discussions and round tables organized. http://studentspublications.tumblr.com/

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The book launch will take place on Thursday 30 June at 19.30 in Geneva, in the frame of the exhibition ‘ Vue sur la mer‘.
A new series of six artists publications, edited by Delphine Bedel and produced by the M.F.A. Work.Master/ Geneva University of Art and Design will be presented, along with and exhibition. hard copy is a project made in collaboration with Barbara Fedier/ Micro-Editions and Hervé Laurent/ Atelier Ecriture, and with seven Swiss graphic designers. The books are co-published with Monospace Press. The pre-launch took place at the Amsterdam Art/Book Fair on the 14th and 15th of May at de Brakke Grond.

1. Dorothee Baumann. Designer: Marc Hollenstein ‘Pleasure Arousal Dominance’
2. Romain Legros, Designer: Nadja Zimmerman “Argelas’
3. Johanna Viprey, Designer: Anna Haas‘ J’aime Plus ou moins la nature’
4. Martina Sophie Wilberger, Designers: B und R ‘ Mon Petit Alphabet’
5. Florent Meng, Designer: Marc Hollenstein ‘Laiques Perspectives’
6. Maya Rochat, Designer: Jemery Shorderet ‘Ma tête a couper’

Exhibition ‘Vue sur la mer’

Book launch, 30 june, 19.30
with a performance lecture by
Martina Sophie Wilberger.
Exhibition 30 .06 -08.07 2011, 13.00-19.00
Place des Volontaires, Rue de la Coulouvrenière 26, 1204 Genève

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