— Delphine Bedel


Thursday 4 September, 19.30-23.00
Maison Descartes, Institut Français des Pays-Bas, Amsterdam
Curated by Delphine Bedel and Ayako Yoshimura

The film program BEYOND PARADISE presents a selection of documentary, short films and videos addressing various perspectives on tourism in diverse geographical and political contexts. In the framework of the exhibition Beyond Paradise at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam.

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Exhibition 20 July – 7 September 2008
Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam

Curated by Delphine Bedel and Ayako Yoshimura,
in collaboration with Jelle Bouwhuis

Bik Van der Pol, Patricia Esquivias, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Mustafa Hulusi, Arnout Killian, Matthieu Laurette, Sascha Pohle, Lisl Ponger, Erkan Özgen & Sener Özmen

“The […] ambivalence of tourism, which also applies to our world in general, is reality and its copy at a time when copies are increasingly more realistic and reality is increasingly penetrated by the illusion of fiction” (Marc Augé)

In the exhibition Beyond Paradise tourist image production and narratives, as we know them from travel brochures, postcards, advertisements, films and so on, are appropriated in the works presented. They reflect on the construction of expectations, experiences and the social imaginary of places evoked by the ubiquitous and pervasive culture of tourism we are living in nowadays.

The starting point of this exhibition also stems from the paradox that tourism still involves romantic, if not paradisiacal imagery, whereas the tourist experience is actually shattered by all kinds of forces that haunt our daily lives: commercialism, gentrification, the complex entanglement of migration and tourist destinations, war, and fear of terrorism. But it is also significant for the strength of our tourism-minded culture that even such threatening notions and experiences can be integrated in a package tour.

Beyond Paradise
investigates modes of representation and visibility, starting from the mass production of images ? a scheme central to the leisure industry ? and the idealized imagery of places, and moves away from the familiar Tourist Gaze to construct unexpected fictional or personal narratives. The promises of these idealistic and seductive images are appropriated and eventually shifted in the works presented in the exhibition, to reveal other realities, and take us beyond paradise in order to question one of the greatest fictions of our times: that of tourism.

Film programme
In the framework of ‘Beyond Paradise’ a film programme will be presented in Maison Descartes in Amsterdam on Thursday, September 4, starting at 7:30 p.m. The programme, compiled by Delphine Bedel and Ayako Yoshimura, aims to present broader perspectives on some aspects of tourism activities and fictional representation, in various geographical and political contexts. The programme features work by: Kamal Aljafari, Olivo Barbieri, Bik Van der Pol, Mounir Fatmi, Kwang-Ju Son and Quirine Racké & Helena Muskens. The complete programme will be announced on the SMBA website and by Maison Descartes.

The exhibition is accompanied by the free SMBA Newsletter nr. 105 (EN/NL) with an introduction by the curators and a work by Matthieu Laurette .

Rozenstraat 59, Amsterdam
Opening: Saturday 19 July, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Supported by the Institut Français des Pays-Bas and in partnership with Maison Descartes

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Book Launch Thursday May 15 at 8 p.m.

Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam is pleased to invite you to the launch of the publication All that is solid melts into air – Notes on Tourism by visual artist and independent curator Delphine Bedel. Within the framework of this book presentation British sociologist John Urry will give a lecture, followed by a short introduction to the publication and a round table discussion with some of the contributing authors.

Notes on Tourism is an ongoing artistic project that aims to produce a discursive platform through lectures and writings, to bring into question the visual representation of leisure, architecture, and cultural artefacts. As one of the largest world industries today, tourism influences our way of life and reflects upon changing economic and social realities. All that is solid melts into air explores controversial tourist destinations and cultural heritages. One of those is the Nazi holiday resort of Prora on the Baltic island of Rügen. Its identity, use and meaning have shifted radically over time, which was subject of a photographic project by Bedel. Using her photographic research as a starting point, writers from diverse disciplines were invited to contribute to the book, resulting in unexpected historical and critical perspectives on the relation between visual culture, leisure, and memory politics. The book is published by episode publishers in Rotterdam.

After a short introduction by Jelle Bouwhuis, curator of the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, British sociologist John Urry will give a lecture on ‘The Tourist Gaze’, a topic he researched for his book of the same name which was published in 1990 and republished in 2002. After that, Rachel Esner, one of the contributing authors of All that is solid… will briefly introduce the publication, followed by a round table discussion with Urry, Bedel, Esner, Francesco Bernardelli and Marco Pasi.

John Urry is a British sociologist and Professor at Lancaster University. He is noted for his work in the fields of the sociology of tourism and mobility. Among his many publications are The Tourist Gaze (1990, 2002), Consuming Places (1995), Touring Cultures (1997), Tourism Mobilities (2004), and Performing Tourist Places (2004). Other fields of research include regionalism, economic and social change and complexity theory.

The publication will be available at the book launch through Shashin, an Amsterdam based bookstore for contemporary art, photography, design and fashion.

All that is solid melts into air – Notes on Tourism
Editor: Delphine Bedel
With contributions by: Francesco Barnardelli, Rachel Esner, Bruno Latour, Marco Pasi, Olivier Rolin and Thibaut de Ruyter
Design: Esther Krop
Language: English
Size: 24 x 17 cm, 64 pages, paperback
Price: € 17.50
ISBN: 978-90-5973-072-4
Published by: episode publishers, Rotterdam 2008

Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam
Language: English
Free admission

The publication is available online at Shashin.nl

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Zondag 21 oktober om 15.00
Kunsthuis Syb, Beetsterzwaag

4e Sybren Hellinga Kunstprijs voor Lotje van Lieshout

De 4e Sybren Hellinga Kunstprijs is uitgereikt aan Lotje van Lieshout (Amsterdam, 1980). De jury was unaniem en prees ‘de trefzekere manier waarop van Lieshout in staat is om behendig en op een speelse manier te goochelen met culturele referenties en cinematografische clichés’. De prijs bestaat uit een bedrag van 3000 euro.

De jury – bestaande uit Delphine Bedel, Ann Demeester, Paulien Oltheten, Arno van Roosmalen en Fons Welters – wees in haar rapport op ‘A World of Make-Believe’, de film waarmee Van Lieshout afstudeerde aan de Rietveld Academie en ‘Vrouw met Baard’, een registratie van een performance over dubbele travestie, waarin Van Lieshout zelf figureert. “De kunstenaar produceert filmische understatements – ze toont personages die letterlijk en figuurlijk hun plek proberen te vinden in een instabiele wereld’ aldus de jury.Van Lieshout maakt geen werelden waarin de toeschouwer wordt meegesleept. De wereld uit haar films is de wereld waarin de personages willen geloven.

De komende weken toont Kunsthuis SYB het werk van de vijf genomineerden voor de 4e Sybren Hellinga Kunstprijs. De genomineerden zijn: Gwenneth Boelens (Amsterdam), Maze de Boer (Amsterdam), Idan Hayosh (Amsterdam), Lotje van Lieshout (Amsterdam) en Jasmijn Visser (Utrecht).

Kunsthuis Syb
Postbus 25, NL-9244 ZN Beetsterzwaag. T: +31 (0)512-382376
4e Sybren Hellinga Kunstprijs

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Monthly series of one night events, performances, screenings, installations.
2005-2007, Amsterdam

With: Juhee Youn, On architecture and Other Stories/Part 2, Susan Youssef, Heidi Ganshaw, On architecture and Other Stories/Part 1, Berg Bergen Kuchlein, Dustin Larson, Matthijs de Bruijne, Emiko Kato, Isolt Winkler, Jan van der Ploeg, Natacha Lesueur, Auke Wieringa, Holger Nickisch, Takako Hamano, Neddam & Yuming , Ilya Rabinovich and more.

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Friday 25 May, 2 pm – 4 pm/4.30 pm
Round Table Conversation in the context of the manifestation and exhibition ‘The Return of the Shreds’ of Ni Haifeng and Kitty Zijlmans.

Investigating the exchange of ideas, concepts and materials between art, academia and audiences.

The Return of the Shreds covers a wide range of projects and installations, such as the title project in which 9 tons of textile shreds are displayed in the largest room of Scheltema; a re-installation of Of the Departure and the Arrival (2005) in which every day objects were made into blue & white porcelain objects in China, and send back to the Netherlands; Shrinkage 10% questioning original and copy in a diminishing series of porcelain objects, and the Used Passports project asking people to hand in their invalid passport [a part of their past identity] and as such partaking in the project by being involved.

X-change is the main topic of the Round Table Conversation: exchanges and the subsequent changes in the processes of trade, between nations, cultures, concepts of art, and between art and scholarly fields/the sciences. Exchanges are rarely equal, mostly inequality is involved, power relations, rich and poor, etc, especially now in a globalizing world. These questions are underlying our project.

Kitty Zijlmans (Art Historian, Chair)
Ni Haifeng (artist)
Roel Arkesteijn (curator)
Delphine Bedel (artist, curator)
Jessica de Boer (MA Governance & Sustainability)
Lene ter Haar (curator Museum Het Domein)
Francesca Dal Lago (Research Fellow Universiteit Leiden Contemporary Chinese Art)
Paola van de Velde (art critic)
Janneke Wesseling (lector KABK)

Research MA students Art History University of Leiden:
Thanavi Chotpradit, Margriet Krijgsman, Flora Lysen, Iberia Perez, Jianwei Wang

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Close Connections zal elke avond van 8 t/m 11 mei het voorprogramma van het Tijdelijke Museum in de Balie organiseren. Voorafgaand aan de debatten zullen internationale curatoren presentaties en lezingen geven over verschillende verrassende initiatieven en instituten uit het buitenland. Op Woensdag 9 mei zal Close Connections, in samenwerking met het SMBA,  een filmavond organiseren voor het aanwezige publiek in de Balie. Enkele curatoren zullen aan de hand van meegebrachte films een beeld proberen te schetsen van de hedendaagse kunstwereld in het land van herkomst.

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