— Delphine Bedel

Photography: Route 66/USA

Opening: Saturday 10th September, 17:00 – 19:00, with music performance by Luke Nyman. Solo show. Lumen Travo gallery, Amsterdam

Crossing the country by car for a month during the Credit Crunch and the first 100 days of Obama’s presidency, Delphine Bedel photographed the stunning scenery, eclectic architecture and the people, heart and soul of Route 66. With incisiveness and wit, her highly personal documentary and visual diary captures the afterimage of the 60′s prosperity and exuberance, and the aftermath of the recent crisis. For her second solo exhibition in the gallery, a selection of her photographs and road movie will be presented.

This legendary route was for over half a century the main access from East to West, crossing 8 states. The Mother Road. Taking a bite out of its glamorous lure, Route 66 was decommissioned in 1984 and officially disappeared. Replaced by new Interstate Highways bypassing small towns, it created a great strain for the economy along the old road and its inhabitants.

From the Grand Canyon to the ‘Magnificent Mile’ of motels and drive-thru chain stores, from the Dust Bowl years to the hope and angst of the near future, unexpected perspectives unfold along the journey across America, and reflect upon a country in a disrupted present.

Home on the road, travelling together with singer-songwriter Luke Nyman, revisiting the landmarks of American Beat culture, filming with hand-held camera and improvising music performances in many places along the road trip. Bedel filmed and recorded stories from the ‘Children of the Mother Road’: a cowboy’s wife, motel workers, war veterans, artists, musicians and historians, all had stories to tell.