— Delphine Bedel

Lecture: Report (Not Announcement) @ BAK, Utrecht

Book Launch Sunday 25 June 2006 at 15.00 hrs

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst presents the publication Report (Not Announcement). On the occasion of the book launch, a conversation will be held with artist and curator Delphine Bedel (Amsterdam) and the artists Amalia Pica (Amsterdam), Andrea Schneemeier (Research-in-Residence Utrecht) and Igor Sevcuk (Utrecht).
It will be followed by drinks and bites and also marks the conclusion of the exhibition Unevenly, on view since 23 April 2006 at BAK.

Report (Not Announcement) is a project by BAK in collaboration with e-flux (electronic flux corporation), available online since January 2006 (www.bak-utrecht.nl, www.e-flux.com). The Report consists of accounts and documents, namely reports, provided by artists, curators, and critics reflecting on their own ontological states of leaving and arriving from the zone of transition, non-belonging, and “suspension.” Under the condition of accelerated mobility and its imposed limits, Report (Not Announcement) explores the potential of what is bracketed off by the constant travels and movements by international cultural practitioners.

Edited by Binna Choi.
Language: English
Number of pages: 208
Published by BAK, basis voor actuele kunst and Revolver, Archiv für aktuelle Kunst (Utrecht/Frankfurt am Main).
Designed by Sulki & Min Choi.
Price € 10,-.

To order the book , send an e-mail to: info@bak-utrecht.nl.

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