— Delphine Bedel


23 April- 04 June 2006
East 66, Center for Urban Culture, Amsterdam

Curated by Ayako Yoshimura

‘If a place can be defined as relational, historical and concerned with identity, then a space which cannot be defined as relational, or historical, or concerned with identity will be a non-place.’ (Marc Augé, Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity)

We spend an increasing part of our lives within ‘non-places’ whether in shopping malls, peripheral business centres, suburban neighbourhoods, mega-multiplex cinemas, identical hotels or faceless airports.

The exhibition will reflect on the contradictory environment in which we live, by presenting work by the artists Delphine Bedel, Arnout Killian Ilya Rabinovich and Ayako Yoshimura.

Publication edited by A. Yoshimura

Non Places – Everywhere/ Nowhere

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Press: Solo Exhibition ‘Das Experiment’. Secession, Vienna 2001

Das Experiment

By Delphine Bedel

In the frame of the exhibition program ‘Das Experiment’ in the Secession, I was invited for a one-month residency in Vienna to make a project about the city. In my work I am investigating how a city is developing as a theme park trough tourism, urban planning, shopping, free time or architecture, becoming a factor of social exclusion through, among others the privatization of public space or the medias promoting ‘post-teenager’ attitudes, physical performance and entertainment as a way of life. What is then the possibility of encounter and experience in the ‘Scripted spaces’ as described by Norman M. Klein’, ‘a space were architecture is used to tell a story and the visitor becomes the central character’? or when ‘shopping is arguably the last remaining form of public activity’ (Christa Kamleithner).

An Austrian architect Viktor Gruen, who immigrated to the States in 1938, developed the idea of shopping mall. He designed the first ‘Shopping center’ Northland in Detroit in the1950’s, with commercial and cultural places, taking its roots on the model of Vienna’s city center. He later developed the idea of ‘Suburban mall’. In the recent years, Vienna has developed fast in the center and the periphery, with new shopping and entertainment center (Gazometer) and cultural area (Museum Quartier), housing projects, Multiplex-cinemas, etc. Together with Copenhagen, Vienna is one of the few cities in Europe with a permanent amusement park for more then a century, the Prater that became part of the daily culture and urban imaginary.

Taking as a starting point the social imaginary I have from Vienna build through literature, politics, films, electronic music, I organized for a month walks trough the city together with people I meet, artists, journalists, architects, musicians, as a sort of Situationist ‘derives’. What is relevant or not to see, who is a reliable narrator, how to approach this place and the political situation? With a map, recording instruments, I gathered visual and sound material, stories, impressions that will be processed in different forms in collaboration with some of the people I met.

The two videos ‘Aussicht’ and ‘Extasy’ have been filmed in the Donaturm (the TV tower with a panoramic turning restaurant) and the Prater, two well know amusement park, referring to different movements where one’s body is moved in search of a visual and physical ‘kick’. The image attends to restore, transcribe that ‘experience’ to the viewer.

The sound piece ‘Mindless beauty’ is a mix of sounds recorded in the city, in Prater, electronic music and computer games, and produced with two Viennese DJ’s. It gives the feeling of ‘playful ambient’.

Part the photographic investigation is displayed in the publication, were the city is perceived as an alternative form of literature. The cover presents a landscape of the bridge that leads to the new area of city development on the other side of the Danube, next to UNO City. This bridge also connects the two locations where I have been filming. Visitors can take away a poster with the text ‘Keine Ruhetag’ (no day off).

On the opening night I invited Herbert Weixelbaum to perform. He is a composer from the electronic scene, making music only with two Game Boys and sound processors, converting a mass entertainment to a sensory experience.

Gameboy Music peformance

play video ‘Aussicht’

Exhibition views

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Exhibitions and screenings curated by Delphine Bedel and Alec de Buschere, founding members. 1994-1997, Etablissement d’en face, Bruxelles

KRIJN DE KONING / GLADSTONE THOMPSON · 4/03/95 – 22/04/95 · solo show & limited edition

PIERRE LAUWERS · 8/06/95 – 1/07/95 · solo show

ANN VERONICA JANSSENS · 25/11/95 – 16/12/95 · solo show & limited edition

” +- 103 JOURS ” · 12/01/96 – 18/01/97 · Group exhibition
Ivo Provoost, Hans Vansteene, Emilio Lopez-Menchero, Vera Weisgerber, Christophe Terlinden, Delphine Bedel, Simona Denicolai, Simon Siegmann, Delphine Charrueau, Alain Géronnez.

Video Programme & video lounge, each Saturday for 3 months. Artists and art historians are invited to select films during the time of the exhibition.

“Une anthologie, video scratch, video engagee – 1982-95”
Step 3
Helen Stiefel
Georges Bayer
Jean-Yves Barbichon
Deraillement Group
Vincent Hachet, Thierry Merigout
Sverre H.Kristensen
Paul Murray
Hansel & Gretzel
Kai Zimmer
Ciska Lambrecht
Liz Canning

23/11 : DIRK DE WIT
Ana Torfs
Harald Thijs & Jos De Gruyter
Attanasio / Gianelli

30/11 : ARGOS
David Cunningham
Michael Langoth
Martin Arnold
Carsten Schmidt-Olsen
Jerome Coulet
Eku Wand

Joel Bartolomeo
Alain Bernardini

Kristine Diekman
Tony Allard
François Cornier

Alain Géronnez
Michel Assenmaker
Marc Paulus
Lara Olchanetzky

“Les très riches heures de videographie, 1976-86”:
Michèle Blondeel & Boris Lehman
Joelle De Le Cassiniere
Nicole Widart
Daniele & Jacques-Louis Nyst
Marie Andre
Wolf Vostell, enz.

“Videothèque”: Michel Couturier, Michel François, Nicolas Kosakis, Koen Theys, Marie Legros, Patrick Martinez, Hugues Reip, Alain Bernardini, Mathieu Troberg, Philippe Jacques / Fraçois Duconseille, Joelle De Le Cassiniere, Jacques-Louis Nyst, Marie Andre, Boris Lehman, Wolf Vostell, …

Programmes de Ali Durt:
“Screentest VI”: Moli No Kuma, Yuji Oshima, Rolex, “Asbl, Alexandre Negrilli, Fredo Production, Ali Durt, Anne Humblet, Kosma, Laurent Baudoux, Enzo Piccinato.
“Screentest V”: Yuji Oshima, Rolex, Alexandre Negrilli, Ali Durt, Tarot Miki, Julie Maret, Roland Derycke, Fredo Production.

Programme de l’asbl Les Brasseurs, Liege: “Quai de la derivation”:
Eric Chavanne, Eric Doppagne, Christine Hamori, Nicolas Kozakis, Aniceto Esposito Lopez, Werner Mornon.

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