— Delphine Bedel


Friday 13 April, 7 – 9 pm. PrintRoom, Rotterdam

Talk with
Delphine Bedel / Hard Copy
Erica Overmeer / O Book Publishers
Elisabeth Tonnard / ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative
Mariken Wessels / ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative

Introduction by Karin de Jong / PrintRoom
Curator Delphine Bedel

‘The Future of Artist Books’ is a series of talks, workshops and events aiming to present the most innovative publishing projects by artists and designer’s working with photography, text, printed matter and e-publishing. The artist book is a medium central to contemporary artistic practice. The artists / publishers will present their recent editions, and discuss new modes of production, collaborative practices and distribution, from print on demand, serial editions to education projects, as well as their economical models.

Taking the occasion of the first retrospective exhibition of ‘The Dutch Photobook’ currently on view at the Fotomuseum in Rotterdam, this evening will focus on emerging practices in photo books in the Netherlands and internationally. The guest’s editions will be presented at PrintRoom for a month.

The Future of Artist Books is a transdisciplinary project will include talks, workshops and presentations. It is a collaboration between PrintRoom and the Amsterdam Art/Book Fair and other venues. Upcoming guests are Anouk Kruithof, Laurence Aërteger, And Publishers, and more.

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The book launch will take place on Thursday 30 June at 19.30 in Geneva, in the frame of the exhibition ‘ Vue sur la mer‘.
A new series of six artists publications, edited by Delphine Bedel and produced by the M.F.A. Work.Master/ Geneva University of Art and Design will be presented, along with and exhibition. hard copy is a project made in collaboration with Barbara Fedier/ Micro-Editions and Hervé Laurent/ Atelier Ecriture, and with seven Swiss graphic designers. The books are co-published with Monospace Press. The pre-launch took place at the Amsterdam Art/Book Fair on the 14th and 15th of May at de Brakke Grond.

1. Dorothee Baumann. Designer: Marc Hollenstein ‘Pleasure Arousal Dominance’
2. Romain Legros, Designer: Nadja Zimmerman “Argelas’
3. Johanna Viprey, Designer: Anna Haas‘ J’aime Plus ou moins la nature’
4. Martina Sophie Wilberger, Designers: B und R ‘ Mon Petit Alphabet’
5. Florent Meng, Designer: Marc Hollenstein ‘Laiques Perspectives’
6. Maya Rochat, Designer: Jemery Shorderet ‘Ma tête a couper’

Exhibition ‘Vue sur la mer’

Book launch, 30 june, 19.30
with a performance lecture by
Martina Sophie Wilberger.
Exhibition 30 .06 -08.07 2011, 13.00-19.00
Place des Volontaires, Rue de la Coulouvrenière 26, 1204 Genève

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Two afternoons of TALKS & LECTURES with international guests.

Saturday 14 May 2011
Pecha Kucha, Book, CD and magazine launches by attending publishers, artists and designers.

→ Official Launch Delphine Bedel, Yannick Bouillis
Keynote Speakers:
→ A prelude to Rong—Wrong, the first issue of a magazine concerned with writing on matter.
Scott Joseph, Amsterdam (Editor Rong—Wrong, designer)
→ Launch ‛On Kawara: One Million Years [Past and Future] No. 69 & 70’, Audio CD release Mathieu Copeland, London
→ Launch ‛Community Art: The Politics of Trespassing’, editors Paul De Bruyne & Pascal Gielen (Valiz, 2011)Astrid Vortsermans, Amsterdam (Editor, publisher, founding director Valiz)
→ ‘Clandestine Publishing in the Netherlands’ Emilio Maccia, Ravenna / Maastricht (Designer researcher Jan van Eyck Academie)
→ ManystuffCharlotte Cheetham, Paris (Blogger, curator, publisher)
→ Presentation of the interactive and invisible Click2C, QR-code and print2web printing technology Frank Voskeuil, Culemborg (Director print2web.nl) & Freek Kuin, Amsterdam (Director, Printer Calff & Meischke)
Moderators: Delphine Bedel & Mathieu Copeland

16:00–18:00 Talk #2 MULTIPLE FUTURE
Envisaging what the future of publications may propose invites us to articulate the revitalisation of printing practices over the last few years and the emergence of digital activism.

Kenneth Goldsmith, New York (Founding director of UbuWeb, poet, editor)
Joachim Schmid, Berlin(Artist, member of ABC Artists Books Cooperative)
Metahaven, Amsterdam(Graphic design studio)
Clive Phillpot, London (Writer, curator and former art librarian)
Moderators: Delphine Bedel & Mathieu Copeland

Sunday 15 May 2011
14:00–15:30 TALK #3 IN FOCUS / MIDDLE EAST
Bidoun magazine is a quarterly publication founded in 2004 with the intention of filling a gaping hole in the arts and culture coverage of the Middle East and its Diaspora. Tiffany Malakooti will present the Bidoun UbuWeb Archive and the The Bidoun Library–a peripatetic resource of books, films and periodicals tracing the evolution of Middle Eastern art–(in May/ June at the Centre for Possible Studies, Serpentine Gallery Projects, London). This is the first public presentation of Bidoun Magazine and UbuWeb in the Netherlands.

Tiffany Malakooti / Bidoun Magazine (Bidoun Magazine editorial team, curator
Special Projects and Bidoun’s UbuWeb archive)
Kenneth Goldsmith / UbuWeb, NY (Poet, editor, founding director of UbuWeb)
→ Film screening.
Moderators:Delphine Bedel & Mathieu Copeland

16:00–17:30 Talk #4 IN FOCUS / SWITZERLAND
This talk brings together three among the most promising emerging figures and structures at work in Switzerland. Talk organised by the Head–Geneva University of Art and Design.

David Keshavjee and Julien Tavelli,Lausanne, Zürich, Berlin (Graphic designers)
Dan Solbach, Basel (Graphic designer, publisher, curator)
Ramaya Tegegne, Geneva, Zürich (Graphic designer, publisher)
Moderator: Yann Chateigné Tytelman,(Talk organised by the Head–Geneva University of Art and Design).



Amsterdam Art/Book Fair 2011
Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 May, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, NL

Conference curators and moderators:
Delphine Bedel, Amsterdam (Artist, curator, publisher)
Yannick Bouillis, Amsterdam (Curator, journalist, owner bookshop Shashin)

Guest curators and moderators:
Mathieu Copeland, London (co-curator Talk #1) (Curator, writer, publisher)
Yann Chateigné Tytelman, Geneva (curator Talk #4) (Curator, writer, publisher)

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The first Amsterdam Art/Book Fair will take place the 14 & 15 of May 2011, presenting a high end international selection of art publications. The fair aims to reflect on the emerging practices and new development in art, through a selection of publishers from 16 countries. Printed matter and digital media edited by independent publishers and artists, magazines and institutions, art schools and graphic design studios are featured in this first edition.

Conferences and talks by keynote speakers, book launches, artist talks and performances will take place during the Amsterdam Art/Book Fair. Guests include Kenneth Goldsmith, Metahaven, Clive Phillpot, Mathieu Copeland. A unique series of curated tables will offer a selection of publications and posters. Book trading and signing, encounters and conversations will take place at ‘Black Market’, an informal meeting place for artists, designers, publishers and collectors.

The Amsterdam Art/Book Fair is initiated and organised by Delphine Bedel (Monospace Press) and Yannick Bouillis( Shashin/Offrpint), and is hosted by the Flemish Cultural Centre De Brakke Grond. The Amsterdam Art/Book Fair aspires to be a meeting place during the Amsterdam Art Week. The entrance to the AA/BF is free.

Amsterdam Art/Book Fair 2011
Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 May
De Brakke Grond
Amsterdam, NL

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Hard Copy Discussion avec Seth Siegelaub et Daniel McCLean,
Stuart Bailey, David Reinfurt et Delphine Bedel

LiveinyourHead, Genève, 3.11.2010, 18.00

Lectures: Une proposition de Laurence Boissier, Boutheyna Bouslama, Sarah Burger, Grégoire Fontana, Renaud Loda, Carla Leòn et Ceel Mogami de Haas

Hard Copy est un projet éditorial mené par Delphine Bedel dans le cadre du work.master, en association avec Barbara Fedier. Collaborant avec un groupe d’étudiant-e-s sur la production d’un multiple travaillant texte, image et archive au travers de la forme du livre dans son acception la plus étendue, cette collection présente sept éditions limitées. Une soirée spéciale de lancement accueille une lecture / performance collective des éditions devenant ainsi des partitions à interpréter. Autour d’une installtion présentant les publications, leurs sources et leur processus de conception, les participant-e-s mettent à nouveau en jeu leur projet. Hard Copy est composée des propositions de Laurence Boissier, Boutheyna Bouslama, Sarah Burger, Grégoire Fontana, Renaud Loda, Carla Leòn et Ceel Mogami de Haas.

La présentation de cette collection fait l’objet d’une réflexion spécifique sur l‘exposition du livre comme forme, selon différents modes, lectures et discussions, exposition et diffusion en association avec le projet LapTopRadio / His Masters Voices, une expérience radiophonique en ligne menée par un groupe d’étudiant-e-s du work.master avec les artistes et curateurs Laurent Schmid, Samuel Gross et Daniel Suter. Delphine Bedel propose ensuite invités de marque : le galeriste, collectionneur et éditeur américain, acteur majeur de l’Art Conceptuel Seth Siegelaub et l’avocat, curateur et éditeur Daniel McClean.


Exposition ‘Re-Applied Art’, Dexter Sinister,
Dexter Sinister présente Re-Applied Art, une nouvelle présentation de la collection, qu’ils décrivent comme une « constellation » d’objets, d’imprimés, de formes diverses, amassés depuis dix ans autour de l’univers foisonnant de leur désormais culte Dot Dot Dot Magazine. Entre art, design et architecture, musique, philosophie et littérature, cet ensemble d’indices constitue autant de points d’entrées dans le monde de signes, d’histoires et de notions qui nourrit les nombreux projets de David Reinfurt et Stuart Bailey : tous, à un moment donné, ont servi, ont été utilisés, reproduits ou détournés dans le cadre de la production de DDD.

LiveInYourHead propose donc une nouvelle étape de cette archive en cours permanent de constitution, cette documentation en mouvement et en expansion. A une collecte qui mènera à l’enrichis-sement d’une bibliothèque pensée autour de leurs travaux, collaborations et influences à vocation de rencontre, d’échange et de pédagogie, The Serving Library, s’ajoute un exercice d’interpréta-tion. Le duo propose en effet à un groupe d’étudiant-e-s du programme work.master de s’approprier cet ensemble de plus cent items, de penser et d’effectuer, en dialogue avec les artistes, l’accrochage temporaire « à l’aveugle » (l’exposition ne comporte aucun cartel) de la collection. Le résultat devient l’objet d’une discussion sur les choix opérés, sur les résultats immédiats de cet exercice du regard.


Live in your Head, Geneve

Institut curatorial de la Head – Genève
Rue du Beulet 4, 1203 Genève
Vernissage le mercredi 3 novembre à 18 heures
Exposition du 4 au 24 novembre 2010

et aussi Mardi 2 novembre, 18 h
The Final Dot Dot Dot, Forde, Geneve
Dexter Sinister présente l’ultime numéro de Dot Dot Dot Magazine avec Stuart Bailey et David Reinfurt

Re-Applied Art de Dexter Sinister est réalisé en coopération avec Kunstverein, Amsterdam, le Centre Pompidou / Département du Développement Culturel, Paris et Forde, Genève.
Hard Copy est produit dans le cadre d’une lab.zone du programme work.master, menée par Delphine Bedel en collaboration avec Barbara Fedier (atelier Micro-édition), Hervé Laurent et la filière Communication visuelle de la Head – Genève. Les éditions ont été réalisées avec la participation des graphistes de la filière Communication visuelle : Camille Decrey, Sophie Gagnebin, Maud Hortala, Julien Mouron, Julie Petter, Stéphanie Pilet et Linda Voyame. Marc Hollenstein, graphiste suisse basé aux Pays-Bas, a conçu les flyers et le packaging de la collection.
LapTopRadio est développé dans le cadre d’une lab.zone du programme work.master de la Head – Genève, His Masters Voices, menée par Laurent Schmid, Samuel Gross et Daniel Suter.

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Conference Delphine Bedel, Le Cinquième Département, Fragments
With Dexter Sinister (Stuart Bailey and David Reinfurt) and Valérie Pihet (École des Arts Politiques, Paris, directed by Bruno Latour).
31 October 2010, 3 pm

A discussion of the place of research and of oral transmission within the institution, on the basis of historical and contemporary examples. Delphine Bedel revisits the experience and the legacy of the short-lived but crucially important Institut des Hautes Études en Arts Plastiques (1985-95). Under the directorship of Pontus Hulten and then Daniel Buren, this institute was once envisaged as a research department for the Centre Pompidou, the so-called ‘5th Department’. Delphine Bedel traces back the history of the Institut to the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Moderna Museet in Stoklholm in the 60’s, and the influence of artists close to Pontus (Duchamp, Tinguely, Niki de St Phalle), and graphic designer and museum director Willem Sandberg. The transmission of experience, the ‘studio situation’ and breakthrough exhibitions like ‘She’, ‘Dylaby’ and ‘Bewogen/Bewegen’ will be evoked, and put in relation with contemporary practices and new education projects. The discussion will be followed by a screening of Robert Filliou‘s ‘Teaching and Learning as Performing Arts, Part 2’, Video University (1979).

Exhibition Fun Palace 21 – 31.10.2010, Centre Pompidou, Paris
Curated by Tiphanie Blanc, Yann Chateigné Tytelman & Vincent Normand.
Display by Stéphane Barbier Bouvet.
With Lars Bang Larsen, Delphine Bedel, Étienne Chambaud, Céline Condorelli, Dexter Sinister, Dolphins into the Future, Luca Frei, Karl Holmqvist, Junior Aspirin Records, Monster Island, Sarah Pierce, Michael Stevenson, Camille de Toledo and Tris Vonna Michell.

Centre Pompidou, Les Rendez-Vous du Forum

Fun Palace
The Forum, subterranean womb of the primitive utopia of the Centre Pompidou, is to house a temporary structure developed in collaboration with a team of artists, publishers, musicians, labels, writers and curators of varying backgrounds. In this space once open to the city, this mechanical arena entirely dedicated to the experience of the present, Fun Palace offers a series of explorations at the margins of the past and present activity of the institution, of its hidden dimensions, in the gaps severing the heterogeneous discourses and acts that have inhabited the place.

The title refers to Cedric Price and Joan Littlewood’s never realised project for a mobile and shapeshifting Fun Palace (1961), which served as a theoretical model and working title for the Centre Pompidou. The present Fun Palace attempts a form of discontinuous transmission, organised in ten sequences, each offered to a different guest, invited without preconditions to examine this archive and to come up with a secret history or fictional rewriting.

Oral narratives, alternative legends, and forgotten or immaterial archives sketch an invisible and fragmentary history of the Centre. This mode of interpretation looks to the traces of unfinished experiments and of abandoned ideas that still haunt the institution. A prism that disperses the written history of the Centre into an ensemble of divergent elements, the Fun Palacespeaks to that history’s blind spots and dead zones. Drawing on the shades of history and collective myth, the exhibition invents its deficits, putting into question the suspension of history that Swiss sociologist Albert Meister called – in a science-fiction story written in 1976, as the Centre began to rise from the ground – ‘The so-called utopia of the Centre Beaubourg’.

With appearances by Vito Acconci, Joseph Beuys, Daniel Buren, David Byrne, Louis Capet, Henri Chopin, Le Cinquième Département, Guy Debord, Destroy All Monsters / Cary Loren, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Filliou, Allen Ginsberg, John Giorno, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miéville, Brion Gysin, Jonathan Horowitz, Pontus Hulten, Allan Kaprow, Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy, Mauro Lanza, Lefevre Jean Claude, Le Mur du Fond / Jean-François Bergez, David Markey, Gordon Matta-Clark, Albert Meister, Bruce Nauman, Giovanni Passannante, Raymond Pettibon, Cedric Price, Eliane Radigue, The Residents, Jean Rouch, Raymond Roussel, Philippe Seguin, Leslie Thorton, Lawrence Weiner and Frank Zappa.

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