— Delphine Bedel

Prospectus @ Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

PROSPECTUS is an experimental exhibition exploring the practices of radical art education and exhibition as an educational technology. www.prospectusexhibition.org

PROSPECTUS traces the birth of twins; the 1837 public art school, and exhibition making as an educational practice. And their subsequent development; the professionalisation of the 1900, political upheavals in the 1960’s, the over administration in the 1990’s, privatisation in the 2010’s, and on into their possible futures. PROSPECTUS will include rarely seen, primary materials from the first Government School of Design, Pontus Hulten’s Institut des Hautes Etudes en Arts Plastiques, remnants from the Inner London Education Authority’s teaching collection, documents from the The Fresno Feminist Experiment lead by Judy Chicago, a Life Drawing class, revisit The Devil’s Feast through archival material held in the Special Collection at Chelsea College of Art and Design, and much else besides.

PROSPECTUS will feature specially commissioned artworks, an evolving exhibitionary architecture, participatory archival research, a teaching collection, screenings, life drawing classes, and a diverse public programme of talks, performances, discussions and walks. Participants include Viktor Timofeev, Sam Griffin, Dr Malcolm Quinn, Celine Condorelli, Redmond Entwistle, Dr Linda Sandino, Lawrence Lek, Prof. Stephen Farthing, Matthew Cornford and John Beck, Dave Beech, Naomi Salaman, Fay Nicolson, Delphine Bedel and many others.

PROSPECTUS is a project created by a collaboration of cross-disciplinary students researchers, practitioners and staff from CCW Graduate School.

Chelsea College of Art and Design inhabits the site of Jeremy Bentham’s panoptic prison at Millbank, as does Tate Britain. 19th century educational and exhibitionary models shared a disciplinary drive to instruct through looking and being looked-at; model and copy, master and student, and through authority and hierarchy. Various educational and exhibitionary experiments have introduced non-hierarchical, open, participatory, socially-engaged, heterogeneous and discursive practices of teaching and learning. PROSPECTUS is a project that traces these interactions, and radically embodies its subject; art education and exhibitionary practice.

Monday 21st May – Wednesday 30th May
Open daily: 11am – 6pm except Saturday 26th 11am – 4pm, closed Sunday 27th

Triangle Space
Chelsea College of Art and Design
16 John Islip St,
London, SW1P 4JU
Twitter: @ProspectusEx