— Delphine Bedel

Photography: What’s Next? @ Foam Museum, Amsterdam

Foam Amsterdam 10th Year Anniversary. Debate on the future of photography organised by the museum, with lectures by Fred Richtin, Tony Chambers, Charlotte Cotton, Thomas Ruff, Adam Broomberg & Olivier Chanarin, Joachim Schmid, Markus Shaden, Hans Gremmen, Richard Hsu, Lidewij Edelkkort, Lisa Openheim, Laurel Ptak, Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm,… Moderated by Jorg Colberg, Frits Gierstberg, Anne Celine Jaeger, Aaron Schuman, Michiel van Iersel, with 100 professional guests in the field of photography, photographers, museum curators, journalists and publishers.

Expert’s meeting. 19 March 2011, Foam Museum, Amsterdam

‘This year Foam Amsterdam celebrates its 10th anniversary. For us it is a time to reflect, not about the past, but about the future of photography. In short, ‘What’s Next?’ is about the future of a medium and of a society in transition. During the course of 2011 a series of activities involving a variety of experts will address the question, ‘What’s Next?’. Leading figures from artistic, technological and sociological fields are all asked to think with us and formulate an idea, a dream or a vision about what they believe the future holds. Based upon their specific knowledge, each expert will be asked to make a short, but inspiring statement on ‘What’s Next?’.’

Foam Museum, What’s Next Conference